Hey, Nice Truck!

You work hard and you deserve a truck that makes your hard work, well, a little easier. That's where we come in.

From flatbeds and utility body conversions to dump hoists, lift gates and cranes, side gates to tool boxes - at INDUSTRIAL TRUCK BODIES, we specialize in CUSTOM.

With superior product lines, and a full line of truck accessories, we can transform your truck into not only the perfect work partner, but also the hottest looking truck on the jobsite.

No one on the Central Coast offers a truck equipment service that's more complete. Because no one understands how important your truck is like we do.

Get going with Industrial Truck Bodies. And don't be surprised when someone gives you a sideways glance, an envious nod, and then simply says: "Nice truck."

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National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA)

Member Verification Program (MVP) Sustainability Statement

L.I.T.B. Inc. dba Industrial Truck Bodies

The NTEA MVP provides a visible designation for truck equipment manufacturers and distributors that have implemented specific business and quality standards and processes, and have taken significant steps to comply with certain applicable federal regulations.

It means you can be assured of quality and superior service when purchasing installed truck equipment from Industrial Truck Bodies.

Industrial Truck Bodies is committed to providing world class products and services that minimize hard to the environment and public health and safety:

  • Operation of our facility in an environmentally sound manner
  • Safer handling of production materials and byproducts
  • Conservation of raw materials
  • Recycling of waste materials

Industrial Truck Bodies is living up to this commitment not only in regard to the products and services we provide to you, our customers, but also in the way we conduct internal operations. We give preference to products that are recycled, non-toxic or have environmentally friendly attributes.



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